What is the DOVU Smart Travel Rewards Program?
DOVU encourages you to develop healthy long-term travel habits that are good for the environment and society. As part of the rewards program, we offer you DOV tokens which can be redeemed against purchases made with one of our reward partners. You earn DOV tokens by sharing and changing your travel behavior.
What is the DOVU wallet?
It's an app for iOS and Android that allows you to earn an ERC-20 token - the DOV - when you share and change how you travel.
How do I download it?
Access to the DOVU Wallet is limited to beta testers at the moment. Request a beta invite at https://dovu.io/beta.
How can I earn DOV?
Download the app and participate in earnings challenges.
What can I do with the DOV earned?
You can spend your DOV tokens on offers in the DOVU marketplace, transfer them to other DOVU wallet holders or export them to an external wallet.
Can I participate in the DOVU marketplace if I haven't earned any tokens?
Yes, you can acquire DOV tokens from HitBTC, LiveCoin, LaToken, Radar Relay, Swap.Online or EtherDelta.
What blockchain does DOVU use?
DOV tokens are ERC-20 tokens which use the Ethereum blockchain.
How can I contact the team?
To contact the DOVU team, please visit our Help Desk or email [email protected].
How can I transfer my DOV to someone else?
Within the DOVU Wallet, press the send button, add your recipient's email address and the amount, and press send again. The transfer will be sent immediately. Please note: the recipient will need to have or download the DOVU Wallet to be able to accept the transfer.
How can I export my DOV to an external wallet?
In the DOVU Wallet, go to the Settings menu and select Withdraw DOV tokens. Then enter or scan your Ethereum address and enter the amount you wish to export. Press Withdraw Tokens to confirm the transaction. For added security during testing and initial product launch, your export request will need to be approved by DOVU. Then the transaction will be submitted to the Ethereum blockchain and confirmed after an appropriate number of blocks. Please allow up to 24 hours for the request to be processed. During the Beta, the minimum withdrawal amount is 4000 DOV.
How can I import my DOV from another wallet?
To import DOV tokens from an external wallet, you must use a desktop or laptop computer. The import function is not currently available from the mobile app.
  • Open a Metamask compatible browser - Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave.
  • Download and enable the Metamask browser extension. This makes it possible for your browser to interface with the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Enable Metamask and make sure that it is linked to your Ethereum account.
  • Go to the DOVU webapp and select the Import tab.
  • Enter the amount of DOV you wish to import and confirm.
  • The MetaMask window should pop up, or you may need to click on its icon.
  • Confirm the details in Metamask and add a small gas fee in ether.
  • Your transaction will show on the import tab of the DOVU webapp. It can take a few minutes for your request to be mined/confirmed and for the tokens to be reflected in your wallet balance.Your transactions and their statuses will be shown in the DOVU webapp.
I have lost my password
You can reset your password here: https://dovu.app/password/reset
I sent funds to the wrong address. Can I get them back?
No, the operation of transfer is irreversible. Please be very careful to check the address before confirming a transfer.
How can I delete my account/wallet?
To delete your account, please submit a request to our Help Desk.
How can I join the DOVU community?
We are on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook