Blockchain Powered Mobility



Applying blockchain technology will transform our thinking about data and mobility.

Because blockchain can verify value contributed independently, whether you are a corporate or an individual, everybody will be fairly rewarded for their contribution to the mobility ecosystem.

DOVU Ecosystem

The DOVU Platform consists of the following components, the DOVU Protocol (detailing data interchange and attribution of value), the DOV token (for payments within the platform) and the DOVU API Marketplace (the first dApp developed by DOVU).

The DOVU Protocol is open source and facilitates the development of mobility related dApps. Based on Ethereum, the DOV token is used for transactions within these dApps.

Getting Data Moving

In the 21st century, every company is a data company. For example, ride hailing companies use weather and demand data for pricing, mapping data for routing, and geolocation data for planning.

Democratising Data

Greater access to data accelerates innovation. With blockchain, everybody can contribute to the quality of the mobility ecosystem, and be rewarded for their contribution. This reward is the Ethereum based DOV token.

World’s first mobility cryptocurrency

The DOV token can be spent in decentralised applications built on the DOVU protocol. Imagine seamless payment across mobility services: one secure global token for riding a bus or train, renting a bike or car or even enabling you to share your own vehicle or vehicle data.

The first dApp: DOVU API Marketplace

Innovation in the transportation space will increasingly start with data and APIs. With every new feature, a developer has to consider if it is worth to develop the underlying technology in-house, or if it makes more sense to use external building blocks. First to connect blockchain technology to APIs, the DOVU API Marketplace simplifies access to transport related data.